Puberty is a crucial time in a child’s life, and a lot of advice is needed to get through this period. But many parents do not know how to counsel their children during this time. Read this article to get the necessary tips.

What is puberty ?

Puberty is a period that every human being goes through. Indeed, it is defined as a period during which the human body undergoes several physical, physiological and other changes. Puberty does not occur at the same time for everyone. However, it most often occurs between the ages of 9 and 14. During this period, the sexual organs of men and women begin to develop due to certain hormones called oestrogens and progesterones. It should be noted that this is the time when the first menstrual period appears in girls. In addition, during this period, the young adolescent wants to discover his or her body, hence the desire for sexual relations. Finally, puberty leads to a change in the child’s behaviour. He will no longer be the same docile child. He will become more and more recalcitrant and only advice can help him through this period.

Some tips for talking to your child about puberty

It is not easy for most parents to talk about puberty with their children. To do this, choose a quiet time when you are together and you feel your child is receptive to discussing the subject. If they don’t want to talk about it, don’t insist, but give them time to try again. Also, ask your child what he/she already knows about puberty. Once this is done, tell them everything they need to know about this period in the appropriate terms. Explain all the stages of puberty. There is no point in lying to him. If you hide something from him, he will find out on social media. So the best thing is to tell him everything and above all to listen to him without judging him. Finally, reassure him that you will always be available to him for any question and together look for information on puberty.