As a prelude to curbing the spread of a pandemic or similar, all face-to-face courses have been moved online. This is the time for distance learning for other children. The parents of these children will now have more access to all the resources they face. For this, follow in this review some of the advantages of distance learning.

Complete flexibility

Online courses allow you to set your own timetable. Indeed, those who dream of doing other activities outside the classroom, for example, find it quite difficult to manage their time. But thanks to distance learning, they find themselves more able to define the hours when they can study or do other things. Moreover, they can easily follow their courses while travelling by bus, car, train or plane. This is not easy with classroom courses, where the programmes are predefined and take place in a fixed place: the school.

Adapted to all rhythms

Each learner now boxes at their own pace. If he is faster than the others, he hardly needs to wait for them. The opposite is also true. He would be expected to take his time in acquiring and fulfilling his duties. It is also possible that the concepts are now tailor-made and adapted to all levels of acquisition. In reality, when the learner receives distance learning courses, he is free to plan his time and to know how to acquire new notions. This allows them to have a full understanding.

More practical

It is possible to see today that some learners have difficulty with digital learning. But thanks to online courses, they can easily do so. All that is required is a WI-FI connection and a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The courses are available in many forms, it can be in video format, interactive formats, podcasts, forums, quizzes, slideshows … So in addition to saving time and free understanding, the learner will be more adapted to easily handle these electronic devices.